Updated 8-7-17

For Your Information:

Hello NYSAHA East Section Association Presidents and ADM Coordinators, 

As we begin to gear up for league playoffs, end of season gatherings and
register our little ones for Little League, softball, lacrosse, tennis and golf,
we wanted to share a few end of season notes in regards to the ADM in the East

Our East Section ADM committee of volunteers continues to be inspired by the
dedication and commitment of so many of our ES organizations who strive to
provide the best age appropriate on-ice and off-ice experiences for our youth. 

This season the East Section ADM team;
• Launched the new 8U East Section ADM league, which included our
www.eastsecmiteadm.com website, 8U pre-season seeding jamborees and regular
season Red/Blue/White and Level jamboree events.
• Educated over 800 youth hockey coaches at CEP’s throughout the East Section
on the ADM, Long Term Athlete Development and the implementation of Small Area
• Hosted clinics for associations, squirt-midget, on the benefits of small area
games, station based practices and off-ice training. 

Our ADM team continues to discuss the many East Section programs who implement
small area games and station based practices for their skaters age 8-18. It is
important to celebrate your accomplishments and highlight the hard work many
programs have put into practice planning and program development. 

We thank you for your efforts! 

In the "Attachment" section of this webpage you will find two documents. As your organization begins to plan for the 2016-2017 youth hockey season, we recommend you take a look at the USAHockey Model Program information and Club Structure document. Please share this information with your association coaching coordinator and/or
Director of Hockey. Take a look to see what your program might be missing and
how best to add some of these important elements into your program next season. 

As always, our East Section ADM committee is available to meet with your
organizations coaches, players and/or parents to discuss the many facets of the
ADM including age appropriate practices, windows of trainability and long-term
athlete development. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We also encourage your feedback and suggestions. You are always welcome to email
me with any ideas or happy to speak on the phone. 

Spring will be here before we know it. Enjoy the final few weeks with your

On Twitter @ USAHADMNewYork 
Published by Anthony Mensi